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A Conversation with Professional Triathlete, Angela Naeth ~ 5/3/16

I recently had the chance to talk with professional triathlete, Angela Naeth. I first saw Angela race at the 2015, Oceanside Ironman 70.3. I was amazed at her speed and power. Every time she passed me along the course, she seemed to have a smile on her face and determination in her eyes.  

Angela is a world-class Professional Triathlete who has raced professionally for the last 7 years. She has won multiple 70.3s and two Ironman 140.6s, both in under the 9 hour benchmark for female athletes in Ironman. In 2015, she was crowned the National Ironman Champion winning the North American Ironman Championship in an amazing 8:55! Along with her results, she has coached a number of athletes in all areas of triathlon. She is a physical therapist by trade and has a Masters in Physical Therapy and a Bachelors in Health Science. Her race experience, education and the coaches she's worked with throughout her career, make her very knowledgeable in all areas. She's passionate about helping others achieve their best.

I was able to ask her all types of questions about things that I often wonder about when I see a pro at events. If you are like me, maybe you have wondered some of these questions yourself.

Chaslan's Adventures (CA): When did you start racing?  

Angela Naeth (AN): I started racing a year after working as a physical therapist in Canada, about 2007 or so. 

CA: What drew you to triathlons?  

AN: The ability to do all three sports and I loved riding a bike! I was a track athlete in college and always loved cross training on two wheels. I wanted to stay in shape and felt triathlon was a great way to challenge myself. 

CA: What is your best race memory?  

AN: Running the last 100 yards of the North American Ironman Championship in Texas 2015. 

CA: What is your favorite place you have ever raced? 

AN: St Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands! It's a beautiful island in the Caribbean and the water is amazing! 

CA: How do you find balance with family, friends, and work (if you still work)?

AN: I make the time for all and I think it's key.  I have off days, time I space out with family and also time to do personal coaching. It's a good balance. 

CA: What has been your worst race moment?

AN: Having GI symptoms that lasted an entire marathon. 

CA: Do you ever doubt yourself?  

AN: Yes, I think this is natural for many people. I challenge myself on it and focus on the positivity. 
CA: What motivational mantras do you use when times get tough?  

AN: "I am strong".  I also try to shut my brain off and find the quietness.  It's this quiet mind that I feel is the best way to race.  You're in the moment. 

CA: What was the instance or race that you knew you had arrived as a pro?  

AN: My first 70.3 win at Boulder 70.3

CA: What is your pre-race ritual?  

AN: I have many but I follow a good nutrition plan and have a lofty breakfast before the race, waffles and maple syrup! 

CA: Do you have a post-race ritual?  

AN: Not really! I tend to enjoy a good burger though! 

CA: What are your must-haves on race day?  

AN: This is a tough one! I use the equipment I do because I feel I couldn't go without! I definitely need a Red Bull on deck! 

CA: What does an average week look like for you with training?  

AN: It varies but its roughly 20 hours a week with 5 swims, 5 bikes and 5 runs. 

CA: Which of the three disciplines is your favorite and which is your least favorite?  

AN: I wouldn't say I have a least favorite. I love them all in different ways. There are days I don't 'want' to do one but nothing that makes me feel I don't like it.  It's a good balance to me. 

CA: What bike do you ride and does it have a name?  

AN: I ride a Scott Plasma and love it! Sadly, no name though.

CA: What has been your favorite race?  

AN: So far, Ironman Texas 2015

CA: What are your hobbies other than triathlons?  

AN: Coaching. I love helping others! It's been a big outlet for me and I find a lot of challenge and happiness in it. I also love spending time with my dogs, reading, traveling and finding ways to get in touch with nature.  I love going to painting classes. 

CA: What is your favorite race distance? 

AN: Ironman! 

CA: If you could do one thing differently, what would it be?  

AN: Nothing. I don't believe in this thinking. 

CA: What is your favorite cheat food?  

AN: Chocolate... though I don't think it's that much of a cheat food. I have it almost daily! 

CA: If you are on the trainer for a long ride, what do you watch?  

AN: All sorts of things - I love binge watching Netflix. 

CA: You're currently recovering from an injury, how will this affect your race schedule this year?  

AN: I'll have a restart to the year and focus on the races in late summer and fall. I'm excited about it as I'll do races I've always wanted to do. 

CA: Do you prefer to train with partners or alone? 

AN: Both.  I love swimming groups but do prefer to ride alone and run alone most days. 

CA: What is your favorite song to workout to?  

AN: I don't have one. I love everything from top 40 to The Beatles. I mix it up. 

CA: What's one thing that people do not know about you?  

AN: I'm scared of heights! 

I would like to thank Angela for her time! I hope you learned something that you can take and apply to your life. Angela offers personalized coaching as well as consulting services. 

Her consultations are for triathletes and endurance athletes who want to reach their peak performance.  Together, in 1:1 consulting calls/in-person visits, Angela can help you optimize your training, develop a plan to help set your PR, analyze a particular course, or review and improve your training regimen. These can be done regularly for consistent results, on as-needed basis for fine-tuning. 

Her personal coaching is for triathletes and endurance athletes looking to follow a customized plan toward their season goals/races. Angela works with a select few to be able to optimize the individual program and provide support throughout the program/season. 

You can find out more about Angela and the services she offers by visiting her website or by emailing her.

Website: www.angelanaeth.com 

Sit down with Angela and have a coffee. 
  • One-on-one consulting for all things triathlon/fitness. 
  • You pick the topic, we set a date, and enjoy a coffee, chatting about all things triathlon. 
Popular topics: 
  • Choosing your race schedule
  • Racing mindset
  • juggling stress
  • race week 
  • nutrition
  • injury prevention and return to racing
  • equipment
  • race tips
  • your training plan
  • course strategy
  • setting up your week
  • female specific issues
  • motivation

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