Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Race Year Recap, 12-28-15

All-in-all, I'd say 2015 was a good year of racing. I stayed true to my word and did less races than in 2014 but the distances were longer in 2015. Next year will be even fewer races due to the recovery and rebuild time.

2015 Races:

1. Lifetime Indoor Triathlon-1/5/15*
2. Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Half Marathon-1/18/15
3. The Big Game 5K-2/1/15
4. Road Rage Olympic Duathlon-2/28/15
5. Bayshore 70.4 Triathlon-3/7/15
6. Rage Sprint Triathlon-4/18/15
7. Xterra 10K Trail Run-4/26/15*
8. Badass Dash Obstacle Race-5/23/15
9. Sand Hollow Olympic Triathlon-5/30/15
10. Grand Rapids Triathlon/USAT Athena National Championship 70.3-6/14/15
11. Zoom Multisport 1/3 Iron Distance Aquabike-6/21/15*
12. Shoot the Moon Triple 5K at Once in a Blue Moon-7/31/15
13. Toughman Utah Half 70.3-8/22/15
14. Kokopelli Olympic Triathlon-9/12/15
15. Las Vegas Sprint Triathlon-9/19/15
16. Terrain Mud 10K Obstacle Course Run-10/10/15 (DNF)
17. Snow Canyon 5K-11/7/15
18. The Great Santa Run 5K-12/5/15

*No medal given

I had two DNS races-Pumpkinman Sprint Triathlon on 10/24/15 and the Tucson Marathon on 12/5/15.

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