Friday, January 9, 2015

Las Vegas Triathlon Club

I love my tri club! I found them on Facebook a few months before we moved to Las Vegas. I volunteered for them at a packet pick-up the first weekend I was here. I joined the board after a month and a half here. So you could say that I jumped in with both feet. It's one of the best decisions I could have ever made!

It is full of great people with common interests. I have gained such wonderful friends from this group! I am able to find training partners for almost anything I want. I really enjoy working out with people because I like the company and the motivation.

Sometimes I am the person that is at the back of the pack and those are the workouts that challenge me the most because I am constantly chasing them. Other times I am leading the pack. These are the times that I'm able to help others by challenging them. 

It is true that triathlons are most often an individual sport but being a triathlete is far from solitary. Everyone that I have met, through this sport, have been eager to share their story with me. They are quick to offer advise, knowledge, and training tips.

I highly encourage you to locate your local triathlon club! Ours offers multiple club races, training weekends, volunteer options, training opportunities, race entry discounts, store discounts, socials, seminars/workshops, and unlimited access to knowledge from other members. Join a tri club. You will not regret it!

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